Online fault management

In this example, a fault has been localized in a preset plan. You can also program automatic email notifications for fault messages and send the plan as part of the notification.

In the guard book and in the control center faults are displayed separately in preset tickets, highlighted in orange.

Screenshot Online fault management

EPRO³ Guardbook includes an efficient online fault management. In the event of a fault, every employee logged into the program can be informed individually. Thanks to the installed notification function however, third parties, without direct access to the system, can also be informed of any incidents via e-mail and text messages immediately. In most cases these are clients, technical services or the facility management.

With EPRO ClickMap you can store every type of image or even multi-page pdf files as a plan for locating faults via click. With an automatic email notification, an unmistakable determination of location will be sent with.

By the way: the intelligent task control of EPRO³ Guardbook can also administrate maintenance schedules and check-up dates regularly. Like this, you can reduce the fault risk right from the start.

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