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EPRO³ Guardbook combines an online guard book, a fault management, action planning, and a complaint management, a visitor management, a key book, a task management, and many other features in an easy to operate online software.

With clear and plainly structured reports you create transparency. Like this, you always have reliable documentation at hand.

Here you get more information of the range of
features of EPRO³ Guardbook:

Electronic guard book

EPRO³ Guardbook portrays the guard book in a clear ticket-view. The installed fault management, the complaint management, and the visitor management are displayed in separate areas. Therefore you always have all important information at one glance.

Locate events, faults and tasks with EPRO³ ClickMap. You can store images and pdf files as layouts or maps, on which you can mark positions accurately.

In the guard book you can export every entry as a differentiated report and you can provide every report with a name and logo of your company. EPRO³ Guardbook can also generate reports regularly and automatically and sends them as pdf files via email.

More information about the guard book

Besides the guard book EPRO³ Guardbook offers numerous other important tools for the site supervision. All features are of course implied in the basic configuration. Unneeded functions can be hidden or shown any time:

Fault Management...

In EPRO³ Guardbook, fault messages are displayed and administrated separately in the ticket system. A new fault message is signaled clearly to all logged-in users. Fault messages are defined by you individually and can be provided with detailed email notifications. This enables a proper briefing of users, without a direct access to the software.

With EPRO³ ClickMap you can mark recorded faults precisely on preset plans (image or pdf files) and locate them accurately. Since possible plans can be exported in email notifications and auto-reports, EPRO³ Guardbook is also particularly suitable for reporting to an existing facility management.

Details of the fault management

Visitor Management...

Who is where and when on your premises? Who brings in or takes out something? EPRO³ Guardbook includes an intelligent online visitor management which allows the control and administration of visitors to your site.

You will receive immediate information about each visitor at the site and you have various options for the evaluation of the visits.

Details of the visitor management

Key book...

EPRO³ Guardbook makes it easy to administrate every type of key, cards and other access rights. You do not only see the existence and the allocation, but also the history of administration. EPRO³ Guardbook records every step.

The key book also manages limited allocations and produces clear reports for your documentation.

Details of the Key book

Administration of Inventory...

EPRO³ Guardbook provides you with a compact administration of inventory. This enables you to administrate, for example, equipment items that are given to you by customers on the long term. It also notes, whom of your employees has accepted equipment.

Detailed listings and pdf reports give you an overview of your stock at any time. Thereby, the administration of inventory is just as clear as the key book and just as easy to operate.

Space administration...

The installed program for space administration enables the acquisition and administration of storage spaces and areas on open sites, or parking areas. A localization with EPRO³ ClickMap can also be applied to parking spaces.

A temporary allocation is also supported. Detailed reports keep you updated about the situation at all times.

More about the space administration

Complaint management...

A separate complaint management is required increasingly, which can display, administrate and forward these processes. EPRO³ Guardbook now offers an installed administration to handle complaints optimally.

The complaint management includes its own reporting function, auto-reports and automatic email notifications. It belongs to the basic configuration of the system, but can also be hidden, if there is no necessity for it.

More about the complaint management

Territory- and patrol services...

Preforming property patrols,territory services? With EPRO³ Guardbook, you can capture and control incidents and conditions of your district and area objects quickly and efficiently, even with achieved assignments. Even by one or more patrol you can create guard or fault management reports and define journeys to and forth. Each object can be reported to the client separately or in definable groups. If desired, a PDF rotating report can be automatically generated.

EPRO³ Guardbook provides an overview of the various area objects, which can be organized in individual tours. The built-in online travel book supports the administration and documentation of vehicle applications.

Online driver´s logbook...

EPRO³ Guardbook also includes an extensive online driver´s logbook, which can be used for the documentation of assignments of your vehicles, as well as the assignments of vehicles of third parties. You can also offer this service to your customers.

With the installed administration of inventory you are able to keep track of all types of vehicles and evaluate their assignments.

Online salary slips...

In the future, you will be able to dispense with unclear hourly notes, since your employees can record the workloads online in the EPRO³ Guardbook. Intelligent service time management also manages surcharges and unpaid breaks. A confirmation function by the object or shift manager allows you to control the hours worked and, if necessary, you can configure jobs to require log-on via the service time recording.

Detailed PDF reports document the hours of service and sum the working hours taking into account the breaks and possible surcharges. Of course, you can also use the automatic reporting feature in EPRO³ Guardbook to submit your work hours to your administration or accountancy on a regular basis, sorted by order and employee.

Desktop control center

control center

EPRO³ Guardbook integrates an online control center. Here, you can monitor all listed orders simultaneously.

The events of the guard books and the visitor- and fault management are displayed in separate areas in the control center. This creates an overview, and new entries are on focus immediately. An installed optical and acoustical alarm system ensures that new events are reported to all employees individually. Your staff is always well informed.

Task control in a preset calendar

EPRO³ Guardbook includes an efficient task control for managing unique and repeated tasks. The programming is as easy as setting an alarm on your smartphone.

You can mark locations of application on preset maps. Also weekday patterns such as "Mondays and Saturdays" or intervals (i. e. "semi-annual") can be updated automatically. This is why EPRO³ Guardbook is also ideal for the use of the administration of maintenance and check-up dates of technical installations.

Central file storage

With the central file storage in EPRO³ Guardbook you are able to access important documents in an order centrally and online. You can store information of the documentation for these files. With the EPRO³ editorial system it is possible to control the publication precisely. It goes without saying that the individual guard book entries and fault messages can also be attached with image-, text-, audio- or video files.

Locate events and faults

With EPRO³ ClickMap you can mark events or faults on preset maps and therefore note their positions clearly. You can store pdf or image files in the system as maps. That is why EPRO³ Guardbook is particularly suitable for reporting directly to clients, technical services or an existing facility management.

At the same time, ClickMap can be used to highlight events and their accumulation.

Leistungsfähiges Berichtswesen mit Auto-Reporting

Numerous tools
for your job orders

EPRO³ Guardbook provides you with a variety of powerful tools for a optimal job satisfaction. Depending on the task, the individual functions can be switched on or off separately for each managed job. Unused programmer parts are dimmed so that the user always sees only the functions that he actually needs.

Notifications and reports

For each occurrence, notifications can be sent per email per managed order. The recipient receives a detailed PDF report, including possible location on maps, photos or other file formats. This way, people can be immediately informed and integrated, which do not have direct access to the system. All data in the system can be output at any time as PDF reports. EPRO³ Guardbook can also send all reports automatically and regularly to preset e-mail recipients.

Consistant multi-client capability

EPRO³ Guardbook is multi-client capable and is therefore also ideal for the use of administrating several sites and larger backlogs. Additionally, the system is able to operate in multiple languages simultaneously (multilingual).

High adaptability

The number of employees and the technical equipment do not play a role in EPRO³ Guardbook. You administrate your software yourself and you can react quickly and flexible to changes without any incurring costs.


With regard to guarding assignments, customers are increasingly looking for a comprehensive and near-term reporting or even need access to data that is entered and administrated by the guard service. For these assignments an editorial system was integrated into EPRO³ Guardbook. It allows a login by a third party, which should not enter or modify any data.

The editorial-system can only publish selected entries. This supports a differentiated reporting and allows quality control before disclosure. The advantage: the entire reporting system can be displayed via the editorial system, promptly and without the need of the further processing of data.

EPRO³ Guardbook

What is the best program good for, if the operation is incomprehensible and an extensive familiarization phase
or training is necessary?

Consequently, the design of a software plays a decisive role. EPRO³ Guardbook maintains the standard of up-to-date and daily software for smartphones and email clients, used by everyone. A carefully designed and intuitively functioning user interface enables you to familiarize with it in just a few moments. Our comprehensive video turorial shows you how to optimally use the numerous possibilities of this system for your tasks.

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