EPRO³ SaaS-System

EPRO³ Guardbook is a modern SaaS system - Software as a Service. Therefore, you do not need a separate server, a special hardware or local installations for the program. As a specialized provider, we manage the administration and backup of your database.

You can access your EPRO³ Guardbook via the Internet at any given time, independent of your location. A sub notebook or a tablet-PC are sufficient and of course even current smartphones can be used.

Focus on the technology of the future and do not longer burden yourself with local software installations, special hardware and their costs involved.

SaaS SoftwareSaaS Software
True SaaS
start now
Independent handling
Maximum data security
Non hardware binding
Modern technology
Current software, always
Certified data center
Monthly notice period
No initial costs
SaaS - Software as a Service - are systems which provide a program and a related data storage via Internet. Availability and transmission speed of the Internet make the acquisition and operation of a local software installation increasingly unnecessary and are also no longer needed in many fields of application.

Our services are billed solely on the basis of the data traffic and required storage space. You do not have to pay employee licenses, individual apps, or modules.

Instead, you will always have the entire EPRO³ Guardbook as it is presented on this website, and you can create any number of administrators in the system. With this cost model only, you will benefit from SaaS technology and achieve the best possible price/performance ratio.

As a specialized provider, we ensure a trouble-free operation of your system and a data backup. 256-bit encryption, SSL (TLS), firewalls, sub-netted networks, and the storage in an own hardware in a certified Swiss data center reassure the highest level of security.

Benefit from the ongoing development of this program: We continuously provide you with updated software.

Consistently multi-client capable

multi-client capable

EPRO³ Guardbook is easy to operate and it is ideal for the administration of multiple sites and high order backlogs.

Orders can be displayed and illustrated in reports, filtered by customers, in freely selectable groups or regions. You can mark every report with your company logo and send it to preset recipients automatically.

The notification system is also fully multi-client capable: In the guard book you can set, who will be informed via e-mail or text message, for each order and event- or fault class individually.

As a user of an EPRO³ Guardbook, you can focus on the processing of your data, right from the start. There are no initial costs and your system is immediately ready to go.
Stay flexible. The number of users in your system is unlimited and you administrate your system yourself. This way, no additional costs incur by user access rights or the inclusion of individual modules, such as a key book, a fault management or a visitor management. Respond immediately to changes of staff and orders, without emerging further costs.

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