Online complaint management

EPRO³ Guardbook provides a separate workspace for the complaint management, so that complaints are followed and processed in the guard book, independent of the entries.

In the guard book and in the control center complaints and faults are displayed separately in tickets, highlighted in orange..

Screenshot Online complaint management

In order to record and process complaints, the software offers you a complete online complaint management. You can attach data files (e.g. photos) to indicated complaints. A comment- and locating function is also available in the program, as well as the possibility of grouping complaints into selections for the purpose of research.

EPRO³ Guardbook informs preset recipients via email (or text message) immediately after the entry. Additionally, special pdf reports can also be generated and send to preset recipients automatically and regularly.

As a user of EPRO³ Guardbook, you can offer your client an efficient complaint management and therefore contribute positively to the satisfaction of your customers and visitors.

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