Online visitor management

The view 'visit' shows an overview of visits of every connected object simultaneously. In the guard book and in the control center visits are displayed separately on tickets, highlighted in green.

The arrow icons indicate, whether a visit is still in process or if the visitor has already been checked out.

Screenshot Online visitor management

If you want to administrate visits, you don´t need a special software anymore. EPRO³ Guardbook now includes a complete online visitor management as clear and easy to operate as the guard book.

You can export reports of the visitor management as part of the guard book or separately. It is also possible to send an automatic visitor list as a pdf file. The visitor management administrates any number of visitor classes. For example, by creating the visitor class 'cleaning service' you are able to control the allocation of keys for this class simultaneously. You can also select repeated visits from a register.

If required, EPRO³ SafeHouse extends your Guardbook with an efficient visitor pre-registration and provides an online pre-registration for employees of your customer. Besides an identity card or a visitor pass the system can send additional documents via email to the visitor, even in multiple languages.

In addition to a better control and preview of the visitor situation, the fabrication of visitor passes or identity cards can be reduced massively or omitted completely. This scales down the check-in time for inward and outbound transfers significantly and your staff has more time for the actual task of control.

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