Online key book

You can find the administration of keys in EPRO³ Guardbook in the navigator under 'Manage' and there in area 'Key Register'.

Use the "PDF" button to print out a filtered selection or the entire key book as a pdf file.

Screenshot Online key book

Does your client expect you to keep a key register or do you want to offer this service additionally?

EPRO³ Guardbook includes a clear and easy to operate online key book, which provides a lot more possibilities, than only to note which person is currently in the possession of a key. It also gives you the support for the complete inventory and delisting in case of damage or loss. You can also create a publication for a limited period. In the software you configure yourself, which types of keys, cards, etc. you want to administrate.

The program produces a history of every transaction. Like this, it is also possible to determine who had an access authorization and when, afterwards.

You can export the key book as a pdf file at any given time and, if required, also send it to preset email recipients automatically and regularly. For the allocation or withdrawal of locking mechanisms you can also print out a confirmation, which can be signed and filed.

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